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Dr. Becky Dentel - Zoologist at the Reston Zoo - shows 3rd grade students a lizzard's physical adaptations used to survive

Dr. Gannet Haller - Meteorologist at the National Science Foundation - describes to 4th grade students investigating storms how she uses an anemometer to measure wind speed

Dr. Lucy Edwards - Geologist-Paleontologist at the U.S. Geological Survey - assists 5th graders re-inacting the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater

Let us match your career expertise to a measurable learning activity being conducted by a science teacher in your local area.
Share how you utilize the key concepts being taught to tackle real-world problems and demonstrate a real-world career connection.

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Career Connections

Connecting children's learning to STEM careers

We match the career expertise of your company's STEM professionals directly to the teacher's learning objectives.



Connecting classrooms to STEM professionals

We establish the volunteer opportunities for your company's STEM professionals.



Connecting teachers to STEM career specialists

We place your company's STEM professionals alongside teachers who are leading a hands-on, measurable learning activity.

Connecting classrooms to STEM careers